Sunday, Day One, Sigh

Twenty-one active cases, but no new infections. Huzzah? Meanwhile, the USA narrowly avoided being on fire by today. The Repugnicans in office attempted to identify the rioters as "antifa", which makes in now officially code for "anyone the right wing finds currently inconvenient". Whoops.

Several arrests have already been made. Turns out that the Capitol police who were off duty were in the rioting crowd. No firkin wonder the ones on duty treated the rioters with kid gloves.

There needs to be a solid dose of actual justice in the US. Rounding up all these racist arsehats and truly divining how dangerous they are for everyone else's freedom.

"Your freedom to swing your fists ends at my face."


Let's glimpse at the headlines:

  • Iran's ability to make nukes apparently at 90%
  • The seditious riots in the Capitol were, apparently, just the start
  • Plane that vanished may have crashed, as debris has been found
  • Muppet Minions arrested in droves. That's what you get by publishing selfies whilst committing crimes
  • Muppet Minions in office explain that if they all put up opposition to Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo, then the impeachment can't go ahead. Nevermind that this clusterfuck is worse than Watergate...
  • New plague rule, if you test positive, you are to remain in quarantine for a fortnight
  • Dude who made a joke instagram of his shopping list slammed for depriving others of stuff they might need

The aftermath and how everyone deals with it is going to cast a LONG shadow on the future.