Challenge #02920-G363: You Laugh, We Win

A: It’s ovew bwothew, i have the high gwound! OwO

B: Chu undewestimated mwy powew.

A: Don’t twy it -- Anon Guest

[AN: Honestly, nothing is better for a giggle than translating badass lines into Owo.]

The fake battle involved bippy hammers[1] and amusing melodrama, much to the amusement of everyone else in the room. There was so much amusement that some were concerned about their ability to breathe. Companion Grox, perching far above melee range, was making sure this activity was recorded for posterity. This was, after all, a new Human game. So new that it didn't have a name.

One by one, the laughing Humans in the audience tapped out. When all the audience surrendered, the melodrama ceased and all the players were allowed time to recover. Once the laughter died down, one name and one scene were drawn out of containers. "Bill," announced a previous 'actor', "and the six-fingered duel."

"I'm gonna need another player and the pool noodles," laughed Human Bill. "This is gonna cover a little turf." The rest of the Humans in the room rearranged the furniture as Human Bill drew another name. "And my lucky collaborator is Deen!" Cheers from the audience.

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