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Challenge #02946-H023: A Trail a Mile Wide

There were marks on the walls, on the low ceilings in the halls. A picture here, a quick search there, showed that they were the marks left by unprotected human feet. Feet too small to belong to adult humans. While this narrowed the suspects down to two, it also raised the questions of "how did they do it?" and "do I really want to know?" -- Anon Guest

In all the known universe, there is little more devastating to an environment than Deathworlder children on a bender. Humans, especially, were notorious. Simple sugars, safe for many Havenworlders, set Human brains metaphorically on fire. Young Humans even more so. This was a small factoid that P'gaff and Thol Party Tours had forgotten, and that the superbly wealthy Deregger failed to pass along.

Thirty unsupervised Human children and a party menu overloaded with simple sugars, and nature had taken its course. The wreckage had rendered the party barge next to uninhabitable. It wasn't entirely unsalvagable. If all other measures failed, they could trade in what remained for mass credit.

It might be easier to disassemble and re-print the entire vessel, cashing in the excess materials as there would definitely be leftovers. Flum's job was assessing the cost of each potential solution. Which included the assessment of the Scene, which truly deserved the capital.

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Challenge #02015-E191: Party Time on No-Longer-Tranquil VII

On the wall was posted the human regiment’s code of conduct/safety instructions:

  1. Do not subtract from the population.

  2. Do not add to the population (looking at you Jared).

  3. Do not end up in the hospital, the news, or in jail.

  4. If you do end up in jail, establish dominance quickly. -- Anon Guest

It was a set of rules above the airlock door. Entitled, When Visiting. And could be summarised as, "No killin', no thrillin', just chillin'." Which every squad

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Social Obligations

Chaos is attending a party, today. This is a chance for me to network with other Parentals, and social interaction practice for a chronic introvert. No, not Chaos. Think again. Yep. Me.

Chaos is going to be fine. She'll just leap in while I'm still solving five-dimensional social conversation math. I'll wear my little SPG gear pin just in case there's a fellow Steampunk nerd there. I always have high hopes of making a new, nerdy friend.

And if someone asks... and

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