Seasonal Seasonings

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Seasonal Seasonings

No story today. I am not looking at the news, I am not looking at the plague statistics. For Christmas, I am giving myself temporary peace of mind.

Today's goals are:

  1. Stay safe on the road
  2. Family time
  3. Presents

IF I get any writing done today, I will count it as either a fluke or dedication/obsession on my part because I won't be bringing my Lappy on today's road trip.

It is the Silly Season, the temporary madness when we all should remember that it's about peace on Earth and goodwill towards our fellow humans.

So I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and may you all win at least one argument against that right-wing relative who's just there to start a fight.

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I'm BACK! (on my bullshit)

So it was revealed that $100 purchased about three kilos of prawns, and three kilos of ice. Fortunately, that was enough HUGE tiger prawns to sate six people so we're fine. There was even enough left over to vac-pack for snacking purposes. Whee.

We still have oodles and boodles of food. I always fret about not having enough for the Yule feast, and I inevitably end up having WAY too much to see us through to New Years'.

My challenge is to

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Chag Sameach [correct me if I'm wrong and, if you can, send me an audio file teaching me how to say it properly], and while we're at it, I'd like to know the appropriate greetings for Ramadan and Kwanzaa please. Inclusivity is important.

May the atheists have a fun Festivus, and anyone for whom this is not a day of feasting, insanity, and terrible arguments in the name of family togetherness - have a good day off.

And finally, for

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Crimbolio Eve

It's Christmas Eve, I woke up just minutes into it. Mostly because I made myself nauseated through other shenanigans.

We got our six kilos of prawns. We have a HUGE hunk of ham. We have enough veg and snackables to overload a horse, and possibly enough drinks to float it away downstream.

Good news - it's been raining! It's been raining very lightly, but it's been raining. That's taken a lot of heat out of the days. A blessing for anyone who

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Tis the day before Christmas

I have wrapped all that I ever plan to wrap. I have labeled everything that I am going to label.

I still need to do the cheesecake portion of the desserts, but part of that process is loud as fuck and the rest of the house is sound asleep and I won't disturb anyone's rest.

Tonight's dinner will be cooked chook and salad. End of.

And I will probably make the stuffing the night before so I don't have to stress about

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