Tis the day before Christmas

I have wrapped all that I ever plan to wrap. I have labeled everything that I am going to label.

I still need to do the cheesecake portion of the desserts, but part of that process is loud as fuck and the rest of the house is sound asleep and I won't disturb anyone's rest.

Tonight's dinner will be cooked chook and salad. End of.

And I will probably make the stuffing the night before so I don't have to stress about it during the day of.

And after THAT, it's just making sure it's all good and setting up the table for the feast. Yay.

On the plus side, this is the last day of me hemorrhaging money for the rest of the year. And next week promises to be very staid indeed, because I'm teaching my Friendo some budget Keto tricks. And using the local corner shops to simulate the food desert conditions of their home digs.

Come the new year, I shall tally what's left to me and update my status accordingly.

But for now... I must tell you a tale.