I'm BACK! (on my bullshit)

So it was revealed that $100 purchased about three kilos of prawns, and three kilos of ice. Fortunately, that was enough HUGE tiger prawns to sate six people so we're fine. There was even enough left over to vac-pack for snacking purposes. Whee.

We still have oodles and boodles of food. I always fret about not having enough for the Yule feast, and I inevitably end up having WAY too much to see us through to New Years'.

My challenge is to not indulge in the chocolates and such that I got for Yulemas. I'm not succeeding very well at all, thanks for asking. I'll stop when I start getting asthma for sure. I managed to not indulge for half the day so I'm taking that win.

Best news for this Yule - I got me a shiny rock. Yes, folks, the extended family gifted me with a salt lamp and it makes my desk look like I'm up to something slightly arcane over here.

Never underestimate the power of a shiny rock, people.

Anyway, it's the afternoon, and I owe all'a y'all some gosh-dang fiction. Let's get on with that.