Crimbolio Eve

It's Christmas Eve, I woke up just minutes into it. Mostly because I made myself nauseated through other shenanigans.

We got our six kilos of prawns. We have a HUGE hunk of ham. We have enough veg and snackables to overload a horse, and possibly enough drinks to float it away downstream.

Good news - it's been raining! It's been raining very lightly, but it's been raining. That's taken a lot of heat out of the days. A blessing for anyone who has to suffer Aussie Summers.

I have wrapped all the presents, and employed my glass pen for the calligraphy of the labels. I am much proud of myself. Turns out the first sweep is oft prone to be blurry and bleed-ish. Something I should know for when I start creating that journal at last.

Otherwise, the glass pen is firkin awesome.

Today, there is a story. Tomorrow... none. Christmas Day is the one day off that I take from my flash fictions. I shall be back on it on Thursday.

There will be just one post tomorrow. Stay safe out there, take care of each other, and look out for the maniacs because they sure as heck aren't looking out for themselves.

I'm going to try writing an Instant soon, just a few minutes after I've had my coffee and meds.