Challenge #02538-F348: Goodnight Everybody

A: Ok look I only have a sawed shotty and a 9mm and I don’t want to fight anything that is bigger than a baby moose. Also if you see a bear follow this rhyme “brown lay down, black fight back, white good night”

B: but can’t you fight back with your weapons?

A: Yes and no. First off the bears in these regions are bulletproof, hell most bears are. More than anything firing this will piss them off

B: well can you tell me is that bear bulletproof?

A: Welp based off the rhyme, good night -- Anon Guest

Well. This was a situation. It was not a good situation. It was not even a bad situation. It was a terrible situation. Armin ran through everything he knew about bears. "Don't make eye contact," he said. "Keep a calm, level tone when you speak. We're going to back slowly away..."

"I am starting to regret the decision to document some wildlife on a Deathworld," said Grox in calm, level tones. "Does this creature eat baby moose?"

"No, your polar bear usually likes fish or seals. Problem is, seals are human-sized and some of these critters have learned that humans are tasty prey. The good news for you is your livesuit will protect you." For every good news a Human delivered, there had to be an associated bad news. They just worked that way.

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