Monday: Did You Miss Me?

Sunday was fun. I got to experience a Mead Hall (fun) and actual mead (not fun) as well as wandering about and discovering stuff.

I'm a lot of a nerd, so the most I got out of the experience was watching people make things.

I acquired a neat belt-pouch and matching belt, since I couldn't find the kind of corset I wanted.

I also got a metric fuckton of mud all over my shoes, socks, and dress skirt. The shoes and socks are in the washing machine. The dress has to go to the dry cleaner's. Possibly with a half-ton of apologies.

There was no avoiding the mud. It was everywhere. Deep, shallow, thick, runny, every kind of mud you could imagine. I wasn't the only one present who nearly lost a shoe in the gluck.

Fun was had. Exhaustion points earned in full.

And the idea has been floated that I should take weekends off from making and sharing offerings. I don't know about that.

I have a twofer today, and catching up with all the missing stuff. AND attempting to post my Patreon articles.

Taking even one day off just doubles my extant workload.

Speaking of such... I'd best get on with it