Raising Pib

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Challenge #03548-I259: Wise to Surrender

All of the pirates from the attack managed to actually survive an encounter with the infamous human child known as Pib. They may be considered the luckiest SOB's alive by other pirate groups, but they need a lot of therapy, and a new career choice. -- Anon Guest

"Go to the Edge, you can be your own being," one of the captives mocked, sotto voice. "You can do anything you like out there, no consequences." He was not a good soprano, so his voice cracked.

Captain Ruby, in a Confined Habitat[1] opposite Gunner Bud, sighed and rolled her eyes. "Yes, yes, yes. These are consequences. Do you understand what we were up against? Do you understand the danger we were in?"

"It's a child. A child! A human child..."

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Challenge #03394-I106: Lost Their Marbles

The human accidentally defeated an entire ship's worth of pirates. How? They were hiding in the maintenance ducts and accidentally dropped their bag with an impressive collection of decorative marbles. -- Anon Guest

It's the little things that are important. And some little things are more important than others when a Human has entered Crisis Think. Some may view these obsessions as ridiculous, but they have their merits. People have, for instance, been distracted from multiple fractures by the fact that they

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Challenge #03169-H260: They Only Look Harmless

A researcher decides, out of curiosity, to see if it's just human adults that are dangerous, and how far back that 'dangerous' could be listed. Then they read the study of a human toddler named Pib, and research other human toddlers aboard other ships that employ adult humans. Let's just say the kill counts for the toddlers, and the description of what these kids did, caused the researcher to end up in therapy, terrified of human children.


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Challenge #03120-H211: Captivating Artwork




People come running as that word bellows down the corridor. A pirate, one of the stragglers that hadn't been able to flee as fast as the others did when they learned the prowess of the humans guarding the ship, was stuck. Young Pib had gotten molasses all over the wall, almost finger-painting with it, and now the pirate's feathers were heavily stuck like a fly to flypaper. -- Anon Guest

It looked like a humorous cartoon come to life.

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Challenge #03024-H101: Mostly Harmless You Say

Pib's parents are on a station for a while as the ship they normally work on was in for repairs, and these repairs were going to take some time. The instructor at the primary school reads the transcripts of young Pib from aboard the ship and sees the injury / kill count of the child and their jaw drops. Some of the pirates wounded, or killed, by this larval human were not exactly amateurs, or small-fry. The parents just smile. -- Anon Guest

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Challenge #02977-H054: Fight Fire With...?

I love your stories of young Pib and the family that's living and working on a ship full of havenworlders. I've decided that Pib's naughty could be useful sometimes. Which is why the havenworlders take a large portion of it in good humor while the child is so young.

Oh, I know by some of your stories you like us to put the prompts in so here you go.


The pirate ship had them captured and

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