Challenge #02977-H054: Fight Fire With...?

I love your stories of young Pib and the family that's living and working on a ship full of havenworlders. I've decided that Pib's naughty could be useful sometimes. Which is why the havenworlders take a large portion of it in good humor while the child is so young.

Oh, I know by some of your stories you like us to put the prompts in so here you go.

The pirate ship had them captured and cornered. The havenworlders were in one area with the door locked, the humans were being forced back by sheer numbers. Suddenly, there was an odd smell. It smelled like... burning candy. Smoke was coming out of the pirate engine room and there was little Pib. Having pulled apart panels, had accidentally caused a fire, and was trying to put it out by throwing on it the only thing the child had with them, swiped bags of baking chocolate. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I'm starting to think Pib needs their own tag]

It wouldn't be so bad if these particular space pirates hadn't learned GalStand from the equivalent of 80's Saturday morning cartoons. "Surrender, fools," one of them crowed. "We have you in our power. There is no hope of rescue, no mighty hero to swoop in to save you now."

Human Lun winced. "You know... you should learn a few things about Piracy before you take on a ship with Humans aboard. First is that Humans don't give up. And the second... make sure you know how many Humans are on board."

Human Orgo, straining to prevent the pirates past their current choke point, said, "Oh shit. Pib's on the loose. Did you kid-proof your space ship?"

Human Lun let out a fearsome cry and redoubled hir efforts to take down as many pirates as possible. The Human drive to protect their young was formidable indeed. Out of stunner charges, Lun was hitting them with anything that looked like a better weapon. Up to and including pieces of ex-pirates.

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