Challenge #03120-H211: Captivating Artwork




People come running as that word bellows down the corridor. A pirate, one of the stragglers that hadn't been able to flee as fast as the others did when they learned the prowess of the humans guarding the ship, was stuck. Young Pib had gotten molasses all over the wall, almost finger-painting with it, and now the pirate's feathers were heavily stuck like a fly to flypaper. -- Anon Guest

It looked like a humorous cartoon come to life. The avian pirate, already shorn of most of their livesuit, had taken a corner incorrectly and wound up heavily involved in one of Pib's "art installations". Considering the nature of toddlers, there were worse things they could have been using to finger-paint on the walls.

This time, Pib had 'found' the molasses. There were some very creative streaks over an area that just happened to be enough to trap an avian cogniscent by their feathers.

Human Pib, eminently sticky, held up one goo-covered hand and said, "You a badguy?" At which point the parentals quickly scooped them up and out of the immediate area. The rest of the pirates had already had a similar idea, and left their shipmate behind.

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