Challenge #03394-I106: Lost Their Marbles

The human accidentally defeated an entire ship's worth of pirates. How? They were hiding in the maintenance ducts and accidentally dropped their bag with an impressive collection of decorative marbles. -- Anon Guest

It's the little things that are important. And some little things are more important than others when a Human has entered Crisis Think. Some may view these obsessions as ridiculous, but they have their merits. People have, for instance, been distracted from multiple fractures by the fact that they dropped the birthday cake during the accident.

Human Pib, aged seven, was more concerned with their collection of pretty marbles than actual escape. They had, after all, defeated space pirates by making Smores. Coming up with this time's plan would happen just as organically.

They did not plan for their marble bag to tear on a random rivet and send their collection of glass spheres cascading through the air vents.

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