Sunday, D&D and other stuff

My murder hobos are back at their shenanigans again, tonight. I am scrambling to get the next section of their shenanigans going. A bit at a time, true, but scrambling all the same.

An effort not helped at all by the fact that my right wrist has decided to go on firkin strike. Bleh.

We have rennos happening. New curtains for windows, and a pln to remove a defunct air conditioner from our window whilst also replacing curtains that are falling apart.

Fun fact: the sun-blocking surface on those curtains decays as it's exposed to sunlight. What wonderful forward planning that is.

BUT there is an excuse to get things reconfigured and I'm here for that.

And there's also PLNs to get my nails done next week. Something that's chafing my niblets since I have to keep my nails longer for the event. I do not like having my nails long.

But first, Tale Foundry. Then stream. And then chocolates and napping :D