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Sunday, D&D and other stuff

My murder hobos are back at their shenanigans again, tonight. I am scrambling to get the next section of their shenanigans going. A bit at a time, true, but scrambling all the same.

An effort not helped at all by the fact that my right wrist has decided to go on firkin strike. Bleh.

We have rennos happening. New curtains for windows, and a pln to remove a defunct air conditioner from our window whilst also replacing curtains that are falling apart.

Fun fact: the sun-blocking surface on those curtains decays as it's exposed to sunlight. What wonderful forward planning that is.

BUT there is an excuse to get things reconfigured and I'm here for that.

And there's also PLNs to get my nails done next week. Something that's chafing my niblets since I have to keep my nails longer for the event. I do not like having my nails long.

But first, Tale Foundry. Then stream. And then chocolates and napping :D

Sunday, Day 0, D&D Nite

Plague news: Four new cases, two of each. Twenty-five total active cases, thirteen of those are in hospital. Australia's at 79% first vax, 56% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 48% fully vaxxed.

I have woken at 2AM to discover Toasty was streaming -- Sigh. So I stayed up for Tale Foundry since I'd _just had my coffee... and now I'm done with my stream.

I am going to sleep soon so I can more easily transition from Trainee DM to Baby DM.

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Challenge #01310-C215: The Opposite of Magic

But they just ran into the world’s best spell mangler. She has the protection of a unicorn. She carries what is probably a fully intelligent sword that can do whatever needs doing to bring justice to a situation. And she is the host of a living magical spell that likes to do things to people who try and mess with it. -- RecklessPrudence

There is magic, everyone knows this. People with the ability to wield it range from those who have

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Challenge #01255-C160: Leave Me Alone!


The Humble Villager that was just trying to stop random adventurers stealing all their stuff -- Gallifreya

It began with a lucky shot. Tur the Peasant had had enough of adventurers stealing her things, and hucked a rock at the armoured figure going through Tur's sacks of meagre belongings.

They must have been at 1HP, because they fell and discorporated, leaving their swag behind them.

Tur spent a moment, dumbstruck, looking at the loot. Then

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Challenge #01238-C143: Harrying the Harmful

"They turned me into a newt!"

"... You're a salamander."

"I got better." -- Gallifreya

[AN: A little tip of the hat-rack to Monty Python?]

The Swamps of Misdirection. The only way to escape them, once inside, was to follow confusing, convoluted, "can't miss it" directions to somewhere else. And worse - most of the animals in it were capable of speech.

"Beware, traveller! Beware! Dangerous sorcerers roam this swamp." The speaker was a small amphibian. Mostly black, but with interestingly bright speckles

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Challenge #01185-C090: Deaded Again

Mage: [Friend and ally]'s grave is empty.

Warrior: Find out who was responsible. Then dig more graves. -- RecklessPrudence

It was a long and arduous quest. Hurrying after the tracks until time, weather, and circumstance obliterated them. Asking the locals if anyone had seen anyone who matched the tracks. Following gossip and rumour and delay after delay as close-mouthed folks demanded quests be completed before they divulged their information.

Dealing with the knowledge that their friend and ally was now undead

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Challenge #01167-C072: That Darned Charisma


(it's a comic, scroll down) -- Gallifreya

[AN: I actually have something similar happen in my current WIP and we all know how real D&D players would handle this, sooo...]

"Welp. I now have a reformed evil spouse, I guess..." Kevin sighed. "Since there's little risk of progeny, I can take him with me as a lovestruck NPC, right?"

"Uh... yeah. Actually."

"Character sheet."


"Gimmie the character sheet. I need to

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Challenge #01157-C062: Saint Rillfin the Silver-scale

Ignoring all that lore about the rings of horn etc.

Imagine a sparkling, pristine halo perched gently above a pair of horns, and the owner's reaction to this new development. -- Gallifreya

[AN: I'm not certain about that lore, I guess I'll learn later]

Everyone knows about evil dragons. They eat maidens and spread blight, hoard treasure and are otherwise the bad apple that spoils the entire barrel. Most regular dragons try to eliminate them before the knight errant is required.


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Challenge #01156-C061: Eternal Knight

I like the idea of an undead paladin. They didn't rise because of some dark god or ritual or necromantic power but by four little words. I. Am. Not. Done. -- RecklessPrudence

The Serf-Page called Scun had watched the Mighty Torpen die. Nobody could possibly survive that many arrows and spears. And yet, Scun watched him fight on. The battle raged on and on as Orc after Orc fell to his blade. Long past the time that Torpen should have collapsed from

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Challenge #01150-C053: Always Question

In a fantasy universe, what about an Agnostic Cleric? Doesn't really believe in any deity, just posts "help wanted" notices on the divine noticeboard. On the upside, has access to all the spell domains. On the downside, you'd be amazed on just what can count as "healing". -- RecklessPrudence

The Rogue watched the Cleric set up for the night. Usually, there was some kind of impromptu altar or extended prayer session, but this Cleric lit a candle and appeared to meditate for

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Challenge #01149-C052: Gods on Their Side


The Cleric stopped in mid-chant. "Excuse you, but The Mighty Thunderbird is a master or mistress of the sneak attack. They glide silently, like a cloud, until they strike."


"Their attacks are swift and, by the time the enemy looks, they are no longer there. Trust me. If you want an army annihilated, the all-powerful and Mighty Thunderbird is going to smite them thoroughly. All Glory."

There was a stunned silence

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Challenge #01044-B312: Self-Aware Adventurer

Because I am here...

...I can protect my friends.


Because I am here...

... my friends must fight. -- Anon Guest

There's usually two reasons why the prophecy only names the Chosen One. Neither of them are very good. Either they didn't make friends during their epic quest... or their friends fell by the wayside.

Claire refused to let her friends die for her.

She did everything she could to protect them. To help them survive the battles that the Scourge sent

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Challenge #01029-B297: One Post-Adventure Evening in a Village Tavern

Creating a volcano is the most important part of a stealth mission, I guess. -- RecklessPrudence

All eyes slowly turned towards the Rogue at the table.

"What volcano?" said the Knight.

The Rogue grinned. "Damn, I'm good..."

The Mage sighed into their tankard. "They're calling it Mount Wat," they said. "It's where the evil dungeon used to be. Some people take the words, 'purge it with fire' entirely too literally."

The Rogue cackled. "You did say it was to save the world.

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Challenge #01006-B274: Love Cancels Out


Any expansion on this presumably adorable relationship. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That post makes me LOL every time]

It was fairly common to see Barbarians and Bards as couples, but an Evil-aligned Barbarian and a Good-aligned Bard? That caused some talk. Especially when they started.

Both their parties had disowned them. The Evil Overlord whatsisface had essentially excommunicated Borgog, and the Good King somebeardedguy had declared Tuergar Trueheart a traitor to his people.

Tears, of course,

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Challenge #01000-B268: One Turmultuous Afternoon in an Evil Keep

Hero: Powered by Love? You? You of all people, your most powerful magic, the attack that can devastate an army of battlemages, reduce a warded fortification and everyone in it to dust, and you claim it's powered by LOVE?!

Villain: Yes. Divorce rates go up measurably every time I use it.

(Bonus if it's a twisted form of a spell that would usually be fueled by the user's love, without consuming it) -- RecklessPrudence

"There's no love spell in the world that

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