Challenge #01310-C215: The Opposite of Magic

But they just ran into the world’s best spell mangler. She has the protection of a unicorn. She carries what is probably a fully intelligent sword that can do whatever needs doing to bring justice to a situation. And she is the host of a living magical spell that likes to do things to people who try and mess with it. -- RecklessPrudence

There is magic, everyone knows this. People with the ability to wield it range from those who have to lie down after lighting a candle, to those who can part seas with a twitch of their eyebrow.

There are those who lack magic. Everyone understands this, as well. They are mostly peasants, sometimes victims, and not often worth noticing at all.

Then there's anti-magic. The ability that goes through an absence and out to the other side. These become spell manglers. They are the guardians and gatekeepers. They wander the lands and make sure that fell or foul sorcerers never get too powerful, that wizards never let power go to their head.

They are the sabot in the workings, the fly in the ointment, and the dog in the manger. All in one. All because they balance things out against the people who want absolute power.

The Tyrant Tyrel probably knew this when he hired the services of Tambry, the world's best Spell Mangler. And worse, she still had the great sword Cyfartal with her.

Gyllaine considered her options. Everyone knew about Tambry and nobody dared fire a spell against her. Cyfartal would certainly become enraged if anyone tried to bluff their way past. And -Gyllaine checked through her Omnisight Monocle- Tambry still bore the blessing of a Unicorn and guarded the Spell of Ultimate Justice.

Therefore, Gyllaine's only hope was the truth. "My party and I have been sent to halt the spread of Tyrel's empire."

Tambry smirked. "Usually, the first words I hear are, 'Bard? What's your bluff level?' I must admit I'm grateful for the change. So who's got your pocket and why do they hate Tyrel?"

"Ganturog. He says Tyrel is taking hunting land away from his people and turning it into farms. And there's a few other territories that have a similar argument. Feeding people is all well and good, but when you starve others to do it, something has to happen."

Tambry looked to her hip. "Cyfartal?"

The sword spoke, "Truth," it said. "There is imbalance, but there is always imbalance. This imbalance is all from the orders of your current master. Something does have to happen."

"I've seen ambassadors come and go," Tambry admitted. "But I've never heard what they wanted or how their pleas were received." And then she said the words that might prove fatal to the Tyrant Tyrel. "Let's see what my employer has to say."

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