Self-maintenance is not "work"

I've come to the realisation that I class my self-maintenance regimes as "work". As in, I tend not to do them when I'm having a relax day.

This is bad.

I need to maintain myself because the backslide takes a lot of time to recover from. And it's happening faster and steeper as I get older.

I also need to keep in contact with MeMum because Time is a bastard. I am a scatterbrained doodle and this week makes it worse.


I might have to make myself a new series of reminders.

Addle addle, coddle coddle, dance to the music.

I'm particularly fluffy-headed today. It's taken me five goes to do this blog entry. To finish it, I'm trying the simple expedient of minimising all the windows I would rather stare at than the work at hand.

Pro: I only have one thing in front of me. Con: I can also stare at my delicious Red Room pinup shot of The Spine that I have for a desktop background. Heheheh.

OR I could try and find the pixel that is Earth on my Cassini Probe shot of Saturn on my other monitor.

I'm a scatterfluff doodle. Yet I must continue on with my work. Maybe some coffee will help...