Where is My Brain?

A 2-post collection

I think I might be focussed...

The problem is, it's focus in the wrong direction. Like. I will sit and work on that fanfic all firkin DAY if you let me. Or if I let me. And chasing it are a few more fic ideas that are guaranteed to break hearts. And one to warm them.

Because new fandoms are like this for me, I can try to restrain myself. But guaranteed, there's going to be an outpouring of stuff in the near future. It's my flaw. I take up new projects until I can't keep up with any of them.

And then I have a meltdown.

I've done good at pacing myself for two years. That's a record.

I should have known my self-sabotage would come around for a visit.

Any hints as to what to do about this noise will be appreciated. And "just focus on one thing" does NOT cut it. The one thing I will focus on will be the wrong thing. Guaranteed.

Self-maintenance is not "work"

I've come to the realisation that I class my self-maintenance regimes as "work". As in, I tend not to do them when I'm having a relax day.

This is bad.

I need to maintain myself because the backslide takes a lot of time to recover from. And it's happening faster and steeper as I get older.

I also need to keep in contact with MeMum because Time is a bastard. I am a scatterbrained doodle and this week makes it worse.


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