Well that sure worked

It was census night last night. Fortunately, in an effort to go paperless, the Aussie Government decided to allow the citizens to fill out all the census information online.

UNfortunately, this was a massive cock-up because the people running this country have no idea what happens when about twenty-three million people attempt to log into the same URL at once. They could have looked up "DOS attack" before they started. Really.

Also unfortunately, lots of the old-fashioned paper forms have been lost in the post. Either because someone forgot to stamp something or someone just assumed that twenty-three million people would be able to log into one site just fine.

Yet another fine example of Australian Government inaction.

And yes, I meant to spell it that way.

We all have an entire public holiday to sort it out. Or try again. Or fill in the paper form if we have one. Or wait and see if our glorious leaders want to try again.

I would not trust our officials to run a chook raffle at this rate.

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