Challenge #01311-C216: Relative Insanity

"Maybe you should consider it. Who knows, you might even have...” [Person] stopped and whispered conspiratorially, “fun!"

"That's not a word, I'd have heard of it," was their flat reply. They held a straight face just long enough for [Person] to look horrified before they laughed. -- RecklessPrudence

Of all the fearsome forces in the universe, none is more terrifying than these two words issuing forth from a human mouth, "I'm bored."

Rael hadn't even known that he could get shivers up his spine. The involuntary reaction shocked him more than the words from his human companion.

"Please don't blow anything up?" he begged.

Shayde's dark lips split in a wry grin. "Aye? That's yer first thought? When have I ever blown anythin' oop?"

"There's always a first time," said Rael. "I know how you humans like to escalate."

"Yer bein' daft," she dismissed. "Explosions plus space stations equals bad news, an' I'm partial to me share of atmosphere, thanks."

He relaxed only a little. "Congratulations. You are now ten percent more sane than the rest of your species."

"I am from the generation tha' elected Ronald Reagan, ye ken."

"Then you're fifty percent more sane than them. In the interests of the safety and security of all cogniscents in your general aura... what you planning to alleviate this... boredom?"

"Aw, nothin' fancy. Just gettin' a dee an' dee game goin'."

She might as well be offering to teach ancient Pama-Nyungan or Yiwaidjan. His one experience of it was so outlandish that he was certain most cogniscents would not understand it. "You realise that improvisational storytelling based on chance is not a widespread phenomenon, right?" he said.

"Aye, I expect a lot of self-inserts and rip-off OC's. That's normal. But that's no' the point. It's tae have fun. You remember fun, right?"

He folded his arms and found something decorative to look at. "That's not a word. I've never heard of it." He turned back just far enough to catch her briefly bemused expression.

Then a laugh spurted out between her lips. "Oh aye, ye'll have fun. Ye got the time, as I remember. Unsuitable food served as snacks. Random philosophy masqueradin' as a player trying fer time tae think. Loads o' fun. I even have a game room set oop. All th' frills." A conspiratorial grin. "I've been dyin' tae try it out."

"And nothing's going to blow up?"

"Only virtually, I promise."

Rael nodded. "Someone has to educate the rest of your victims about this particular example of human insanity..." he sighed. "Count me in."

On the plus side, she wasn't bored any more. On the minus side, that high-pitched squeaking and eager grin was downright disturbing.

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