Challenge #01006-B274: Love Cancels Out

Any expansion on this presumably adorable relationship. -- Anon Guest

[AN: That post makes me LOL every time]

It was fairly common to see Barbarians and Bards as couples, but an Evil-aligned Barbarian and a Good-aligned Bard? That caused some talk. Especially when they started.

Both their parties had disowned them. The Evil Overlord whatsisface had essentially excommunicated Borgog, and the Good King somebeardedguy had declared Tuergar Trueheart a traitor to his people.

Tears, of course, were shed. But they had each other. Alone together against the world.

Borgog burned in the sunshine, and Tuergar felt trapped in dungeons. It was... difficult... finding somewhere they could be together. Even in the True Neutral territories. They eventually settled on a nice cave with natural skylights. Green grass and flowers grew. Tuergar charmed nearby beasts and turned the other way when Borgog slaughtered them for their meals.

The blood and bone made their flowers bloom. Including prize-winning Dahlias. Borgog never knew he had a talent for flowers.

Every now and again, a wandering Munchkin tried to take them on for some kind of bounty. They often found themselves invited to dinner, owing to a series of natural ones.

It made the two of them laugh. It was, after all, how they got started.

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