Panic stations, full speed ahead.

$600 owing on Chaos' autism school. The only plus side is this is the last payment ever for a $1.3K/Semester tuition fee.

$600 owing to the vet because I panicked and took the cat to the vet and tests for cancer are spelled with multiple dollar signs.

MeMum has promised me some cash, BUT... I can't spend it on the cat. So - food and petrol :P Also, I have to collect it in person. Four-hour round trip and then I'll have to do bratfetching.

And Mayhem is making "O noes I am unwell I must stay at home and play games" noises. Or, "O noes I am unwell and must therefore provide emotional support" noises in his charitable moments.

I'm making him pack lunch anyway.

And Beloved had a 1AM wakeup call because it us officially Busy Season at their workplace. I just write all day. My time is tremendously flexible.

AND I still have an Instant Story to do as well as my daily five hundred words for my novel in progress. Suffice to say I will be gibbering by the end of the day and dinner will probably be take-out because there is literally no time for cooking.

I'm all over the place like a fly in a bottle. HALP.