Challenge #01005-B273: Bird Spotting

The cassowary is basically a smaller emu which was apparently created in response to complaints that emus were too sane and peaceable. -- RecklessPrudence

[AN: You have seen that vine where Emus don't know how to handle a Weasel Ball... right?]

"Let me get this straight. There is a flightless bird native to your planet of origin that is, on average, one point four five Distance Units and Fifty-five Weight units of murderous intent in feathers... and it is the saner counterpart to a two Distance Unit high and sixty Weight Unit bird that has the average intelligence level of a concussed sheep. A bird which, I might add, can still tear a human open from sternum to crotch."

"Well," hedged the human who had tried to explain the flightless birds of N'Oz. "That's how I was told. I don't believe it, but that's how I was told."

"I thought hunting was part of N'Ozzie curriculum..."

"Gather-hunting, mate. I made too much noise for the latter. ASD sucks, mate."

"And what about the familiarity with native and transplanted animals?"

"Visited 'em both in the zoo." The human shrugged. "They both gave me the hairy eyeball. Only the Cassowary enclosure had warning signs, so... I dunno. You could try visiting?"

"Not a chance."

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