Three cheers for cheap shops

Everyone in my area is suffering from budgetary problems, these days. And since everyone has less money to throw around, places to get things for cheap are starting to proliferate.

We've had three dollar shops in my favourite shopping zone for quite some time. The maximum we've had is five, during the worst of economic crises to date.

Well, this time, the cheap food places are proliferating. Not only are there two Aldi's within fifteen minutes of home, but there's a discount grocerers and now a factory outlet place for Golden Circle.

They're instrumental for my long-term plans at saving money. Get the non-perishables at Golden Circle's, get the meat and fresh veg at the discount grocerers, and anything I can't get at either of those places, I'll get at Aldi's.

And the worst part is - no matter how much I scrimp and save and work at making ends meet... the ends keep shifting and the bills pile up and it just keeps getting worse.

My laundry room is a disaster again. I need to do towels, but just looking into the laundry room takes away half my spoons. I really need someone to help me unfuck my life and then teach me the secrets to keeping it unfucked.

So please - keep those contributions coming. I need an income and I need a good one. Anything at all that you can spare is a bonus.