A 3-post collection

Can I find time?

I have given myself a mountain to chip away.

  • A mountain of laundry
  • A mountain of cleaning
  • A mountainous amount of writing about things
  • And of course the usual day-to-day stuff that clogs my schedule.

There's a thing to learn about at Chaos' school, which is going to steal time from my other shit, and I have loads of stuff.

And I still need time to recharge.

Today is going to be "fun". Story is going to be late. I'm very busy. I'm snatching moments from other moments and something might have to break.

Fingers crossed, it's not going to be me.


Panic stations, full speed ahead.

$600 owing on Chaos' autism school. The only plus side is this is the last payment ever for a $1.3K/Semester tuition fee.

$600 owing to the vet because I panicked and took the cat to the vet and tests for cancer are spelled with multiple dollar signs.

MeMum has promised me some cash, BUT... I can't spend it on the cat. So - food and petrol :P Also, I have to collect it in person.

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So I took my laptop and my novel-in-progress with me on a grand adventure, this afternoon.

Said adventure involved writing two more pages and some damn good stuff.

But when I got it home… the laptop won’t work.

It has power. It was working just fine when I shut it the last time. It just won’t. Turn. On.

And I need those two pages, dammit!

Are there any Mac experts out there who can help me? I

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