Challenge #01029-B297: One Post-Adventure Evening in a Village Tavern

Creating a volcano is the most important part of a stealth mission, I guess. -- RecklessPrudence

All eyes slowly turned towards the Rogue at the table.

"What volcano?" said the Knight.

The Rogue grinned. "Damn, I'm good..."

The Mage sighed into their tankard. "They're calling it Mount Wat," they said. "It's where the evil dungeon used to be. Some people take the words, 'purge it with fire' entirely too literally."

The Rogue cackled. "You did say it was to save the world."

"No. Seriously, what volcano?" said the Knight.

"Big smoky mountain?" prompted the Barbarian. "Due south? We came from there."

The Rogue fought the urge to laugh.

"You're not being very fair," chided the Ranger. "It's not his fault he keeps failing his spot check."


The Rogue fell off their chair from laughter.

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