Challenge #03470-I182: Post-disaster Debris

Could we see what happened after the CRC docked? Did pilot rush back to Plover to see what was going on? I'm guessing Pilot's a drone machine? How did the CRC react to the menacing looking bots and Plover's protectiveness? More please? -- Anon Guest

Of all the survivors of the Plover Incident, the most heartbreaking were the tiniest children. They had no understanding of death. They kept asking when their parents or guardians were "coming back." Or, if they were shown the bodies, when they were "going to wake up."

One said their mother was like Sleeping Beauty, and they had to wait a hundred years for a prince.

Time, and lots of therapy, would heal their traumas. As for the incident itself... The recordings called it The Plague. It spread no matter what they did. Those who were exposed quarantined themselves. Those who weren't exposed yet did their utmost to protect the children.

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