Another party survived

This time, I went to a family gathering and did not get slammed on. Yay. All the major players in the Nutter-slamming contest were busy with other things. I'm sure the present helped :D

I also ate way too much chocolate for my own good. That said, there's three states of chocolate: Not enough chocolate, enough chocolate, and tomorrow's chocolate.

There's no such thing as too much chocolate.

There might be such a thing as too much driving. Beloved had intestinal problems, yesterday, and I was drafted to pilot the Behemoth from Burpengary to Rosewood and beyond. I still have a knot in my neck.

Today, should everything be slightly hunky or dory, the family is on a much shorter trip to Boronia Heights, there to exchange chocolate and pleasantries with MeMum.

I want to do this, but circumstances may prevent us from going.

Beloved is sleeping in. Chaos is playing extremely noisy and dischordant games in the background. As far as I'm aware, it's just Chaos and I conscious this morning.

Yesterday's overcast cool is threatening to be another furnace, as all the clouds have racked off to parts unknown. Ah well. Can't have perfect all the time.

Which reminds me - I have chocolate to stow.

I'm stowing part of it in my tum :)