Happy Easter, everyone!

It's my morning habit to wake early, and this time, it's held me in good stead. I crept around the house like a thief in the pre-dawn light, delivering sugary goodness in the shape of bunnies and eggs.

Of course, Easter Sunday is a feast day. Which means that a majority of the family can indulge in all the carbage they could dream of. But just for the day.

Beloved has a rationable supply of chocolate, the lighter portions of which will likely be predated upon by Miss Chaos. My girl really loves a treat.

As for myself, I have a large bag of Guilian chocolate, a Lindt dark chocolate bunny, and a bottle of sugar-free creaming soda. I have plans to head down to Maccas later and indulging in the Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry they have just for Erastide.

I know. Disgusting. But I love it.

For my Sniffles, I now have some black elderberry capsules that seem to be working miracles to prevent me snorting and snuffling like an asthmatic hog in truffle heaven. It's taking a little time, so I'm blaming the sugar.

That should take forty-eight hours to wear off. Tops. After that, it's simply me not looking after myself. You may chide me appropriately when that happens.

But for now, I'm enjoying myself.