Challenge #01564-D103: Are You Valuable?

Prompted by recent disasters. Local Survivalist proves to be a helpful resource during bad weather event. -- Anon Guest

The town was practically atomised after the winds died down. There was very little left that was recognisable. There were streets, somewhere under the risen water, and people were clustered on the few buildings that both survived the storm and had upper floors to huddle in.

Cara piloted her larger boat to the old town hall. It had been built in the era of steam and was therefore sturdier than the average castle. It, the old church steeple, and her fortress were just about the only buildings left standing any more. She was greeted with surprise and shock as she pulled up and tied off near the upper landing. People were crowded inside, all of them miserable.

"We thought you'd died," said someone in their pyjamas.

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