Nothing much

There's not a lot of shops open, there's some things that need to be got, but that's pretty much all we have planned to do today. Beloved and I did get to play Warcraft together for a while, so that was some fun.

I have some tea brewing, which always helps my health and disposition. Today's recipe involves Elderflower and Peach Teas with two slices of ginger that have also been sliced into thin chips. That should be ready about now.

The really good news is that we have found a more convenient source for Malaney Dairies cream and pasture-fed eggs. There's a grocers called "Foodways" or something similar in Burpengary proper (I wasn't paying attention) but they have those and some organic veggies to boot. I missed my Malaney Dairies cream. It is seriously the best stuff about.

If you find yourself in the Burpengary shopping district, it's the general shop in the complex with the Hungry Jack's in it. Nice organic stuff without having to go on a Leyland's Tour to get it. Which should help improve my general energy levels because Leyland's Tours really sap my energies.

Today, we're doing a little familial arts and farts, teaching Miss Chaos how to do Easter Eggs with regular boiled eggs and food colouring. She doesn't have fun eating the eggs, but she might have fun with the making of. We'll know we have a success when we see her running up and down the hall. That's a sure sign that Chaos is having a great time.

And somewhere in the middle of all of this, I have to figure out how to make my tea not taste like boiled water. There's only so much room in the teapot for the ingredients and all... Maybe if I added more water as well... I dunno. Maybe herbal helpful teas don't have that heavy tannin taste I loved as a kid.

I'll work something out, guaranteed.