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Challenge #03535-I247: Peace of the Crag

An individual meets Wraithvine, Amatu, and the others and invites them to tea. Why? Just to make friends. -- Anon Guest

Kilby Kraghold found the strangers in his wolf pit. One of them looked like he could just fly out and another was big enough to be the ladder for the rest.

"Ho there," he said. "What are you lot doing in my wolf pit?"

"Following the plotted line of a very obtuse prophecy," said the Elf. "Hello. We're very obviously lost. Would you happen to live in a cave, cliff, or chasm?" The Wizard tapped a part of a scroll, held open on one side by a ghostly, magical hand.

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Challenge #01837-E013: The Helpful Cup

Hot sweetened tea and maybe a biscuit or sandwich will help to solve most problems. -- Anon Guest

In the grand scheme of things, Britanians never expect much out of the Tea Lady. Some sage advice, a rambling story about their youngest, and, of course, tea. If you knew how to play your cards right, you might get a Jammy Dodger or a Scotch Finger. That was the way it had always been. Until Ambassador Harry.

So far, she had helped the

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Nothing much

There's not a lot of shops open, there's some things that need to be got, but that's pretty much all we have planned to do today. Beloved and I did get to play Warcraft together for a while, so that was some fun.

I have some tea brewing, which always helps my health and disposition. Today's recipe involves Elderflower and Peach Teas with two slices of ginger that have also been sliced into thin chips. That should be ready about now.


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