Challenge #01838-E014: Hour of Need

It had been a hard day today, she Needed chocolate! -- Anon Guest

So. Let's recap. Best beloved and most capable person in the house arrested for a crime they couldn't possibly commit. On a day when she had needed to run around between four different destination, with stops on the way to pick up whatever. And stops at the bank to get her running money for the week because their mutual funds had been frozen and their family still needed to eat.

During the worst storms that the season had to offer.

Everything she needed to work in order to get the hell on with her life had decided that this day was the day to need updates, reboots, and called-in experts to battle with the devices in question. Her plans were disrupted, changed around, and just about blown up in a nuclear holocaust. Only there wasn't actually any nuclear holocaust. And she had to divert herself at a spare moment to actually go down and provide her Beloved's alibi.

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