Okay. I can do this.

I have three thousand Steem Power in my Steemit account. I need 1800 to convert to the money I need for computers that will not soon die on me.

Stage One is "powering down" from Steem Power to plain old Steem. Which I have set up to start happening. I'm getting about 250 Steem a week on top of what's already there.

Stage Two is converting that into a bitcoin account. Which will involve paperwork and a website I can't remember from a conversation less than an hour ago.

Stage Three is decanting said moolah into my bank.

And since that comes to WAY less than the minimum taxable income [$18000 AUD/AN] I am still golden to not declare that and thereby pay somewhat for our racist fucking government.


If I can do that AND get the kids their shoes, I might just be able to brave myself up to get the samples off to those "cut your losses" agents.

All I have to do is dig them up and finesse the details.

Just... not right now because my time window is narrow and heat is a bastard.