Challenge #03300-I012: One Being's Torment...

On their world, theobromine is toxic. Extracted from plants that have it in its pods, as the prisoners are dipped into that vat of brown syrup, screams are elicited as the prisoner slowly poisoned to death in a vat of pain. The toxins creating agony before the being dies.

This prisoner, the human, was sentenced to be dropped in the vat. Why? To show all other humans that they were not going to be joking around when it came to the lengths they'll go to overtake their kind. The cage floor opens and they are in dropped down into the vat, only for the human to suddenly grin with delight and start eating at a furious pace and asking if the whole thing about taking them over was a joke. Oh, and can they have more chocolate after this batch is gone, too?? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I tried to find out if theobromine was a contact poison, I failed.]

Human Dax woke up with a splitting head. She stumbled her way to the water fountain and took a drink before realising, "Hey. This isn't the Bumbling Bampot..."

This was, in fact, a cage. A cell. which was now in motion.

Key factors made themselves known to Dax, such as the fact that the mesh floor was on a hinge. Or that all in-unit facilities were firmly attached to the walls. Or that heavy machinery abounded in this space. Or that all she was wearing was her Skins, and the mesh floor was starting to hurt.

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