Challenge #03301-I013: To Preserve Life

Despite the Alliance's best efforts, not all meteors are spotted in time. They were by a Pax Humanis sanctuary world when one is nearly to the point of striking. Not thinking of their lives, only of those on the planet, their ship plowed into the meteor, the resulting explosion knocking the meteor well off course and toward the solar system's primary while they, in their lifepod and very, very badly injured, plunge to the surface with the lifepod crashing into the heart of one of the few settlements on the planet. They were so badly injured they've nearly lost their life, but the Pax Humanis members, and their families, on this world, would at least not be harmed. The members of Pax Humanis are very grateful. -- Anon Guest

Beep. Hiss. Beep. Beep. That was Gorx's heartbeat. Soothing unmusic[1] wormed its way into hir oncoming consciousness. There was pain, but there were also drugs making it seem like the pain was in another room.

Gorx tried opening hir eyes. Facing the screen of an ICU drawer[2] that displayed soothing blotches and text in several languages. Large, friendly letters said, Don't panic, and, You are receiving Medical Care.

That explained so much.

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