Well... I don't really know. Not for sure. Beloved has been plying the house with all sorts of carb-loaded treats for the holiday, so my Monday will likely be spent on a fast. Or mopping up the sad remains of whatever carbs happen to be left over. I haven't made up my mind, yet.

But, given that I have that inflammation stiffness in my throat that usually means a saline dose on Max... I'm putting my money on 'fast'. Asthma is a pretty good motivator to not do that again.

Today's the day we get our egg-shaped chocolate, and I don't know what anyone's got. Beloved took care of that, this year.

It's another day of lazing around and doing not very much at all. Though my thoughts are already drifting towards some of that leftover garlic bread...

Temptation is a vile mistress.

On the other hand, a good carb feast is vital to Keto. Keep the body off-balance and stop it being a snide little smarty-pants. As it so often is.