Monday, Progress and Presents

Had a bit of time juggling to get to the place. Had some fun driving what boils down to high-speed lawnmowers through an indoor track.

Chaos kept crashing into the walls because she didn't quite grok braking. Oh dear.

She was still better at driving the dang things than I was. I was bumbling around the track like it was the Dreamworld Fun Cars [the slow lawnmowers].

It was a drifting track. You're supposed to go around sideways. I was lapped like seventy bajillion times by everyone including Chaos[though she only lapped me once].

Beloved got her Mother's Day gift. A neat little tin of French crepe-based bikkies that also plays Claire de Lune. She's delighted. When the bikkies are gone, she's got a cool tin to stow stuff in that also plays some nice music.

I did great.

I shall be making my offerings, and then seeing how far I can get with A Devil's Tale today before I slouch off to mess around in game space.

Chapter Count: Almost halfway through Chapter 273. I think I might be approaching Literary Zoomies soon.