Challenge #03787-J134: Superior Negotiation Skills

They cheered and called them a Hero. All they did was convince the dragon to please leave the village alone, the dragon annoyed by the noise, only demanding that the new den be somewhere QUIET for a change.

They were no hero, they just preferred to peacefully resolve problems, rather than revert to violence. -- Anon Guest

Heroism is easy to misidentify. Just like bravery. People mistake being fearless with being brave, but that is not bravery. That is just foolishness. Likewise, people mistake heroism with traversing the countryside and leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

That's just being a Murder Hobo.

Vidal Wue didn't think himself a hero. Just a wandering troubadour with a touch of silver to his tongue. He had learned his patter skills from confidence tricksters like his Rennie, but still attempted to use them for good. Convincing a Dragon with such nonsense had to be a masterwork of some kind. On the other hand, it wasn't written down at the time, so it wasn't real.

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