Mothers Day

A 2-post collection

Monday, Progress and Presents

Had a bit of time juggling to get to the place. Had some fun driving what boils down to high-speed lawnmowers through an indoor track.

Chaos kept crashing into the walls because she didn't quite grok braking. Oh dear.

She was still better at driving the dang things than I was. I was bumbling around the track like it was the Dreamworld Fun Cars [the slow lawnmowers].

It was a drifting track. You're supposed to go around sideways. I was lapped like seventy bajillion times by everyone including Chaos[though she only lapped me once].

Beloved got her Mother's Day gift. A neat little tin of French crepe-based bikkies that also plays Claire de Lune. She's delighted. When the bikkies are gone, she's got a cool tin to stow stuff in that also plays some nice music.

I did great.

I shall be making my offerings, and then seeing how far I can get with A Devil's Tale today before I slouch off to mess around in game space.

Chapter Count: Almost halfway through Chapter 273. I think I might be approaching Literary Zoomies soon.


What I was not told until late last night, is that we're taking off for South Australia at four in the morning, tomorrow. So we can be at the airport in time to hurry up and wait.

Today will all be packing, when we're not celebrating Mother's Day in a very rushed way.

So far, the Primary Parental of the house has not been woken up by younglings. And one of said younglings apparently spent all night gaming instead of coming up

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