Words That Don'T Exist But Should

A 10-post collection

Words That Don't Exist But Should: Administrivia

Administrivia (n): 1. Data that, though it serves no obvious purpose, is nonetheless deemed necessary by the ruling faction - especially when it comes to getting said faction to hand over money. 2. Excessive red tape, above and beyond the call of duty. Most usually defined by queries as to the number of tattoos on obscure relatives, and their nature or genre. 3. Paperwork that can be safely ignored until someone yells at you for not filling it out.

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Words that don't exist but should: Scrattle

Scrattle (n): small, hard debris that tends to collect in the corners of containers of all varieties. e.g., I went through the scrattle in the bottom of my bag and found $5.98. prefix: techno– accumulated cables, thumb drives, and miscellaneous accessories that never get thrown out because they might return to usefulness once more. e.g., It’s only been one year and my desk drawer is overflowing with technoscrattle.

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Words that don't exist but should: Quirkafleg

[Apologies if this is a repost, I did try an search for it]

Quirkafleg: v [QWERK-a-FLEG] -ged -ging. 1. A paroxysm of disgust and/or revulsion. The small child quirkaflegged after the bully spat on her. or, Don’t show that to my dad, he’ll totally quirkafleg. 2. (n) An expression of disgust three levels above ‘squick’. Euw, no… quirkafleg!

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