Coining A Word

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Words that don't exist but should: Quirkafleg

[Apologies if this is a repost, I did try an search for it]

Quirkafleg: v [QWERK-a-FLEG] -ged -ging. 1. A paroxysm of disgust and/or revulsion. The small child quirkaflegged after the bully spat on her. or, Don’t show that to my dad, he’ll totally quirkafleg. 2. (n) An expression of disgust three levels above ‘squick’. Euw, no… quirkafleg!

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Words that don't exist, but should: Inanism

Inanism (n): [in-NAYN-is-um] 1. a saying, malapropism or phrase that is inherently inane. [eg: “Working hard or hardly working?”] 2. a means of filling the air with noise under the guise of conversation. [eg: “Sure, we talked; but it was all inanisms.”] orig: Inane.

Why this word needs to exist: we seriously need a word for the verbal nothing that spouts effortlessly from the mouths of those loud, annoying people in the office/workspace/elevator.

Endorse the word.

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