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Who's Your Favourite?

It’s inevitable, really.

The instant you mention you like My Little Pony, you get asked “Who’s your favourite?”

Isn’t it okay to love them all?

I don’t choose favourites. The things I love, I love equally as much. Love is a fountain that never diminishes, to me. It should be shared as such.

Which is why my imaginary harem contains a shapeshifter, a giant purple talking crab thing, and three different versions of the same fuzzy blue dude with a tail. Oh, and the Lou Ferigno(?) version of the Hulk.

Yeah. I embrace weird. Deal with it.

[For those of you actually interested in such things, that’s Odo from DS9, Pilot from Farscape and the comic, movie and Evo versions of Nightcrawler]

It was the same with the Muppets. Though I had a definite affection for both Kermit and Gonzo, I loved all of them for different reasons.

And now it’s the same for the ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I don’t have a favourite. I love them all.

I even want some redemption episodes for Gilda and Trixie.

Hell, I’m writing a fic in which the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally discover their talents. With the help of an OC I’ve carried over from a previous fandom.

I embrace weird like all the things I love. With equal fondness.

So, please. Stop asking me which one is best?