Challenge #03996-J344: Artefacts of Reverence

When Wraithvine, Lilbit, Gikka, and their immortal dragon friend who's disguised as a little imp, go through a town, they see an unusual sigh. Wraithvine's hat is everywhere in toy shops. But it's not as a hat... but as a stuffed doll for little kids. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Two nitpicks. The Dragon disguised themself as a Gnome, and a hat is more likely to be a dress-up accessory than a stuffie. I carry on.]

The world had changed. That was its nature. It had changed for the better and Bibrid was still getting used to that.

He had been away from society for too long. He still remembered the eras in which Kobolds served Dragons and Elves fought them both. Yet, he was walking in the company of a Kobold and an Elf who were both treating him more like a patient.

And all of them were walking together in a world where Unwelcome and Welcome could at least meet each other with cautious respect. In fact, Welcome and Unwelcome peoples had changed over the eons.

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