Challenge #01868-E044: The Stepford House

As early 20th century houses go, it was fine. Neat, tidy, clean, owners polite to their black maid and cleaner and paid them well, children loved by their parents, and parents whom loved their children.

So WHY did it reek like a stinking dungeon in a necromancers castle? The Doctor lasted 10 seconds before leaping in with both boots. -- Anon Guest

It was almost a cliché, really. Lost traveller, wicked storm. Can't stay out in this mess. Would it be too much trouble? And then, inevitably, it was.

The family seemed perfectly normal. Which instantly raised his hackles. Absolutely nobody, anywhere, was perfectly normal. They were affluent, but the entire family had the time to enjoy themselves at whatever they wanted. They could have whatever they wanted. They could do whatever they wanted.

And then the Doctor asked the Question. "Are you all happy?" And the answer was in the father's eyes.

They lied when he said, "Of course we're happy. We have everything we need."

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