Words Of Wisdom

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Challenge #02046-E222: Mundane Profundity


For these are the hidden gems of the time known as the shitpost era of the Internet, and are now treated in our spacefaring days, as they treated their own classical texts of Shakespeare and Marlowe. -- Anon Guest

It was a cross-stitch sampler in a frame, and it had profound words carefully sewn into the underlying fabric. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are. Next to it, another one read, I will face God and walk backwards into Hell. And it featured a sewn representation of matching, very human, obscene gestures. A third read, Best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. Second best time is today.

Humans, for all their insane bloodthirsty shenanigans, had some profound words come out of them, sometimes. Rox picked up one that said, We are all parts of the Universe, seeking to understand itself. "Where do these come from?" ze asked.

The Human running the stall was wearing the brown robes of an Archivaas. "That one is from an ancient drama set in an imagined future, roughly in our present day. Others in this collection are from the Pre-Shattering Nouveau Dadaist era of what they called 'shitposts'." They briefly touched the one with obscene gestures. "Many are from expendable entertainments called video games." This time, they held up one that read, I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

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Challenge #01646-D185: Two Big Tells

I've only ignored a wise and powerful being saying "are you sure you want to do that?" once in all my lives, and I regretted it for the rest of that existence. On the other hand, ignoring it from beings who may be powerful, but only think they're wise? Done that dozens of times. The trick is telling the difference. -- RecklessPrudence

Since they were at the mercy of a seemingly wise and powerful being, Holly leaned over to whisper in the

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Challenge #01584-D123: Ancient Wisdom?

:Said in a tone of imparting great wisdom, to someone who does not speak Norwegian:

Aldri skal gi deg opp. Aldri skal la deg ned, gonna aldri løpe rundt og svikte deg. Aldri skal gjøre deg gråte. ĺ aldri si farvel. Aldri skal fortelle en løgn og skade deg

(https://translate.google.com.au/) -- RecklessPrudence

"Please?" they said. "Give us some words of wisdom from Ancient Earth?" They had a handful of Hours as an offering.

Maybe it was their adoring

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