Challenge #01584-D123: Ancient Wisdom?

:Said in a tone of imparting great wisdom, to someone who does not speak Norwegian:

Aldri skal gi deg opp. Aldri skal la deg ned, gonna aldri løpe rundt og svikte deg. Aldri skal gjøre deg gråte. ĺ aldri si farvel. Aldri skal fortelle en løgn og skade deg

( -- RecklessPrudence

"Please?" they said. "Give us some words of wisdom from Ancient Earth?" They had a handful of Hours as an offering.

Maybe it was their adoring looks. Maybe it was the fact that they were Havenworlders, and therefore cuter than a bag of buttons. Maybe it was that they were excruciatingly polite. And yet, she couldn't really encourage this sort of behaviour, because the entire Galactic Alliance would come knocking for some words. Every hour of her days. Waking or not.

"This one's free," she said. She couldn't really take their money. Not for a prank. She took on an attitude of wise and thoughtful recitation. "Aldri kommer til å gi deg opp. Aldri kommer til å la deg ned, aldri kommer til å løpe rundt og forlate deg. Aldri kommer til å få deg til å gråte. Aldri kommer til å si farvel. Aldri kommer til å fortelle en løgn og skade deg."

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