Squeeful news!

The best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe, have announced that they're printing one of their albums on Vinyl!

Yes, folks, you too could own a bright yellow LP of Music From Steamworld Heist. Which the band is printing as a test subject, (a) to see whether or not this is a profitable venture, and (b) because that's the only album that will fit. All the others would be double albums or, in the case of The Vice Quadrant: A Space Opera, a four LP box set.

A single LP is all the band can speculate on. So of course, since I am a SUPERFAN, I went and pre-ordered as soon as humanly possible.

The great news about all of this is that I had enough money in my Paypal to afford it all. The not-so-great news is that it took me about a year to have that money in my Paypal.

Eh. I can still buy myself nice things with my earnings, so that's a bonus. I have no idea why I make myself depressed or angry when I have good news.

I even drew about it over here, where I share my thoughts and occasional progress pix of the Sleep Evil Sleep Project.

If you relate to anything I've drawn there, go ahead and share with your friends. The more notice I get, the more likely I am to do them up properly and make a book out of them.

And speaking of notice, I need to get on with publishing KFZ on Smash, today. But Beloved is already looking to playing some more WoW with me.

Which means I really need to get a rattle on.