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It's taken a year of waiting, two years of gathering hearts on Steemit, and one new model coming out, but I. Am. THERE!

This is the first laptop that is 100% mine. Not a hand-me-down, not a shared object. MINE! Paid for with the (admittedly slow) fruits of my own labor.

I've fucking EARNED this, dear readers.

The newest Macbook Air literally costs half of what the older model did, even with all the bells and whistles included. Money that, coincidence amazes, I had already acquired through bitcoin trading.

Patience, in this case, rewards me. Most of the time, patience screws me over. I'm taking this win, though.

My new Lappy is bought and paid for. It's going to be known as The Spine across our LAN. I have a habit of naming my compys after famous fictional AI's. This way, I can have The Spine sitting on my lap as I compose fiction. Heheh. Ahem.

The only caveat here is that the model is SO new that they won't be in the shops until later on in the month. So... another waiting patch lurks in my immediate future. The only difference is that THIS time, I know it isn't just the rainbow's end.

The bonus is that I still have some cash left over, including some in a piggy bank, that is now available for super happy fun times. Yay. Or, let's face it, the mandatory rainy day.

Further adventures happening today include toddling down to Beloved's workplace to create a character so I can finally play some D&D!

It is a fantastic shock to me that my Beloved doesn't understand a lick of it. I thought they were a nerd. I'm going to have to introduce them to the fun side of nerditry at a later date. Knowing them, they're going to go for the Munchkin Optimal Build strategy and not the storytelling aspect. At least initially.

That's happening later. Now? I have to get shit done so that I can hike off in the middle of the day.

Squeeful news!

The best band in the world, Steam Powered Giraffe, have announced that they're printing one of their albums on Vinyl!

Yes, folks, you too could own a bright yellow LP of Music From Steamworld Heist. Which the band is printing as a test subject, (a) to see whether or not this is a profitable venture, and (b) because that's the only album that will fit. All the others would be double albums or, in the case of The Vice Quadrant: A Space

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