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In a few days

It took me a few days to finish off 2017's year of Instants. In a few days, I'll have finished checking and compiling it for publication. In a few days, I'll be wanting to see some double prompts from you, my dear readers.

If I'm ahead this year, then I can relax about getting behind in this year. It shouldn't matter, but it does and I want the Year of Instants to match the Year in Reality for reasons that I can't even pin down.

So thanks in advance to anyone who helps me to catch up with the six extra stories I need to do to write the 365th story of this year on New Year's Eve like I should.

I am going to check over the text of 2017's Year of Instants, make certain I have a cover, and do the algorithm thing to make multiple versions of it for upload.

All that will be happening in a few days.

And in a few days, I will be sending off samples of Adapting to a bunch of agents with hope in my heart and disappointment in my anticipation. Because pessimists can only be pleasantly surprised.

In a few days, I will be marking off calendar dates for rejection. So I can have the next samples ready for the next agents.

I'm leaving Beauties to percolate on my Patreon. I don't know what to do with it and it probably needs to moulder for a while. Meanwhile, everyone can read that thing for a dollar a month. Cheap.

I may or may not get back to it in another year. It's not like I don't have an idea queue that's going to keep me in material until 2037.

That's a lot of years away. And a lot of novels down the line.

I have twenty four weeks left on my schedule to write and wrap Clockwork Souls, which might be another one of those ones to linger in percolation when I'm done. They're not all winners, and I maintain that the point of writing is to have fun with it.

And -yeah- it is ten months of work to do it, but... I need to become less pissy about nobody else wanting my mad ideas. I write because I can't not write. If I sell a few things that I write, that's a bonus.

Sooner or later, I'll get there.

Challenge #01746-D285: Why Not Have Both?

Don't be eye candy, be soul food. -- Anon Guest

After the Hunger War, things were relatively quiet. Never too quiet, because despite the differences that were buried to literally fight for life, people liked to remember a grudge or three. The Bureaux of Balance went public and attempted to help keep a lid on things.

And despite semi-retirement, it wasn't that much of a shock to see living legends turn up in situations loaded with strife. Well. Technically three living legends,

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So riddle me this:

I’ve been checking both my Smashwords account and my Adventure Map¬†download area like some kind of zealot.

Okay. More or less daily.


Why am I more excited about people downloading the map than people downloading my books?

Is it because the map has a larger total of downloaders than my books? Or is it because I’m sabotaging myself somehow?

Or is it because my best-beloved more or less forced me to publish or perish with my

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Dawn breaks...

Not literally. No. This is a metaphorical dawn. A dawn in the mind.

Followers of my ramblings - the ones who aren’t bots - will know I recently discovered the anti-joy of having a spur in my heel.

It’s painful to walk, most of the time. So I have gained a new appreciation of being able to walk without pain.

And last night… I cooked a meal for the first time in four fargnaxing weeks.

It was

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Take good from the bad

The dog got out of the yard. I don’t know how. What I do know is that when I discovered the resultant mess, Chaos was out of the yard chatting with the Neighbour Who Loves to Complain™ and both Mayhem and the hound were nowhere to be seen.

I got Tessa inside and at least got a direction to look out of him. That was almost all the helpful he was. Only after I’d gone running up

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